Thick Beef Sausages,Hand Made,Small Batch. 810g,12 per pack (Gluten-Free)1st place winner


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Thick Beef Sausages 810g (Gluten-Free)

Great quality Australian beef and light seasoning make these award-winning beef sausages a wonderful tasting alternative to the classic pork sausage.

 *No Colours,Chemicals,Enhancers,Fillers and we use only Filtrated Water.Also No Food Allergies,No Milk,Eggs,Onion,Garlic,Wheat,Fish and Nuts.And Halal.

All of our sausages are made by our expert sausage makers, using only the finest traditional ingredients.

Perfect for frying, grilling and BBQs. Suitable for anyone following a low-fat healthy lifestyle.


Cost Per Kg: $15.99