Irish Thin Pork Sausages,14per pk,1st Place Winner,Hand Made,Small Batch,Gluten Free, also great as pigs in blanket just add streaky bacon


The Irish Butcher

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Irish Pork Sausages 800g Thin (Gluten-Free) - 14 per pack

The Irish Butcher is renowned for his famous award-winning Irish pork sausages which we have been making since 1968 using our unique traditional recipe. We have won numerous awards for our authentic Irish sausages.

What makes The Irish Butcher sausages different?


 No Colours,Chemicals,Enhancers,Fillers,and we use only Filtrated Water(witch is made in house through our filtrated system) .No Food Allergies,no Milk,Eggs,Onion,Garlic,Wheat,Fish and Nuts

• All our sausages are made fresh
• Only fresh cuts of Australian pork go into our traditional Irish sausage recipe.
• 83% meat content with natural seasonings
The best way to cook our homemade sausages is to pan-fry or also on the barbeque. Do not prick them before cooking. also in air fryer.

Serve with creamy mashed potato and onion gravy to make a wonderful hearty dinner or of course as part of a delightful breakfast. 

Cost per kg: $18.99